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Kirja: "Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology" (Houston, 2013)

Ensi vuoden alussa julkaistaan ensimmäinen puheterapeuteille suunnattu teos etäpuheterapiasta. Kirja on mahdollista ennakkotilata Kanadan Ebaysta hintaan 58,90 euroa (+ toimitusmaksut) tai kirjan kustantajan sivuilta (Plural Publishing) hintaan 64,90 euroa (+toimitusmaksut).

Alla englanninkielinen kuvaus tulevasta teoksesta sekä teoksen sisällysluettelo.

"Over the past decade, the evolution of distance technology and widespread availability of cheaper, high-quality video conferencing equipment has allowed for the growth of telepractice in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. Increasingly, practitioners are developing telepractice programs to provide family-centered early intervention services, speech and language therapy to children in public schools, rehabilitation to adults who are recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injury, as well as mentoring to pre-service and in-service professionals to improve their knowledge and skills. 

This book provides practical information to speech-language pathologists that will allow them to implement a successful telepractice program. It presents the technological requirements, applications in Speech-Language Pathology, policy and regulatory issues, and future directions and trends of telepractice. Practitioners currently in the field as well as graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology will find this text to be invaluable."  

  1. History, Definitions & Overview of Telepractice Models
  2. Efficacy of Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology
  3. Getting Started: Building A Successful Telepractice Program
  4. Family-Centered Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology
  5. Tele-Therapy: Serving School-Age Children
  6. TeleRehabilitation: Adult Speech and Swallowing Disorders
  7. TeleRehabilitation: Adult Language Disorders and Augmentative-Alternative Communication
  8. Evaluating Telepractice: Measuring Success, Cost-Benefit, and Outcomes
  9. Professional Practices, Licensure, Privacy Issues, and Reimbursement
  10. Teaming and Collaboration in Telepractice
  11. eSupervision and eMentoring: Professional Development for Current and Future Professionals
  12. Future Directions: Telepractice, Technology, and Social Media

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